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What is Cars2Holiday?

Wouldn't it be nice to have your car on your holiday place? Cars2Holiday offers the solution! You take the plane and we will take your car to your holiday destination.

Whether you go to Lisbon, Marseille, Rome or Zagreb, we can transport your car to the preferred destination. Our services are unlimited within Europe, fast delivery at a sharp price is guaranteed. Many years of experience in the sector of car transport make that our customers can count on a professional and efficient service. Return transport after the holiday is of course also possible.

Cars2Holiday offers you 2 types of transportation:

Open transport Open transport
In general the cars are transported in an open transport. This is the cheapest way of transportation because your car will be loaded on a lorry together with a range of other vehicles.
Closed transport Closed transport
Some cars are very valuable to their owner, so nothing can be left to chance. For this reason we also offer closed transport. This method of transportation insures that your car arrives clean, discreetly and in all security on its destination.