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How do I know when my car will be delivered?
When leaving and at regular times on the way we will contact you to keep you informed. An hour before delivery we will contact you a last time to communicate the exact time of delivery. So we can guarantee a smooth service.

How do we check the state of your car?
As soon as the car has been delivered in Brussels, we draw up together an expertise. All scratches, dents and other damage are mentioned in this report.

How long beforehand do they expect my car to be in Brussels?
We prefer to receive the vehicle some time in advance to have enough time to check it and draw up the planning.

How to describe your car?
When registering the vehicle by requesting for a quotation we ask you to describe the car as detailed as possible. Information we certainly need : brand, type, year of construction and whether the car will be empty or charged with luggage (amount and weight). Roof boxes or ski boxes are also important. If not necessary we advise against using them to prevent an increase in transport costs.

What do we have to know about the pick up and destination address?
To be able to make a correct quotation, we always need the postal code and destination. The nearest city is also worth mentioning to be sure that we're talking about the correct destination.

Will my car be insured during the transport?
All vehicles are insured during the transport in accordance with the provided transport insurance (CMR-insurance) mentioned in the CMR-convention. Luggage and other objects that aren't part of the vehicle are not insured. If advisable, and only on specific demand, an All Risk-assurance can be separately concluded for the real value of the vehicle.